Dogecoin is a fun, completely anonymous, decentralized and extremely secure cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency was born in 2013 and was created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus as a joke. They were inspired by a dog meme ‘Shiba Inu’ which became very popular on the internet back then. However, having been born of a joke, it has earned a good place in the cryptocurrency market capitalization ranking and is currently ranked 33th.

The cryptocurrency was based on Litecoin and with which, the changes that were made to Litecoin on the Bitcoin platform are also the Dogecoin.

One of the reasons that made this cryptocurrency so popular is that transactions are validated much faster than Litecoin or Bitcoin.

Like the others, it uses blockchain technology, that is, a huge digital database, which is responsible for storing transaction information. Each of the Dogecoin transactions are stored on its blockchain, that is, on each of the nodes that make up its network. For this reason, the blockchain is decentralized.